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Wienerschnitzel - Beaumont, TX
 Call us at: 409-347-0385
Wienerschnitzel Hot Dogs - Beaumont, TX- Menu 6050 Folsom (Dowlen Kroger Cntr)
Combo Meals
    (includes regular Fries & Drink or you can upsize with specialties)
Cheese & other

    #1  Two Chili Dogs (or choose your favorite)            #4   Two Corn Dogs
   #2   Polish Sandwich or Pastrami                              #5   Chili-Cheese Dog & Chili Cheese Burger 
 #3  CHICKEN Dippers (1/3 lb, 1/2 lb, or 1 lb)           #6   1 All-Beef Angus Dog (Chili or Customized)

To Go Packs
      Family Pak-(6 hotdogs & 6 Fries)                                        50/50 Pac-  (5 Hotdogs & 5 Corn Dogs)
     __  10 Paks (10 to-go Hot Dogs)                                                    Family Chili Pac (3qts bags)_______

Ala Carte’
Original or All Beef (jumbo) Dogs
 Chili dogs,   Chili Cheese dogs,  Mustard dogs,    Relish dogs,     Kraut dogs,    Plain Dogs

 Deluxe dog (mustard,pickle,tomato,onion)     JUNKYARD Dog- Chili,cheese,fries,grilled onions----------

Add a pretzel bun or any topping to your dog.  Angus All Beef is a Jumbo wiener

Chicago Dog (All beef with relish,onion,tomato,mustard,pickle spear,sport peppers, celery salt)
Polish Sandwich (polish on rye,swiss,pickle spear, or add Kraut) or in a bun or pretzel bun----------
Pastrami Sandwich (swiss,pickle,mustard, on rye) or Pastrami in a Bun
Pastrami Dog (All Beef wiener, swiss, pickle, & mustard on Pretzel Bun)

Extras-Fries, Chili Fries, Chili Cheese Fries, Frito Pies, Cups of Chili, Jalapeno Poppers,
               Corn Dogs,  Mini Corn dogs, Pretzel Buns, Ultimate Chili Chz Fries

Junkyard Burger,  CHILI-Chzburgr,   Dble CHILI-Chzburgr,   Dble Classic Burgr,   Dble-Classic CHILI-Chz Burgr

Soft Drinks
Small 20oz,  Medium-32oz, Large -44oz,  (Add shot of cherry or Strwberry to any)
Pepsi, Dr.Pepper, Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi, Diet Dr.Peppr, Tea (sweet & unswt)  
Mango, Blackberry, Cherry, or Strawberry Lemonades or Limeades

Kids Bags (meal with drink & Fries)                Mini Corn Dogs, Hot Dog, Burger, or Corn Dog